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Hiring a Contractor

Your home is quite likely the largest financial commitment you will ever

How to choose the Right Home Builder
How to choose the Right Home Builder

make, so when it comes to renovating or restoring you want to trust that your home improvements are made correctly, safely, and deliver the quality needed to add value to your home both while you occupy it and when you go to resell. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a contractor:

Do Your Research:

Don’t simply hire the first contractor you find in an ad for online. Research reviews, listen to the experiences of trusted friends, family, or colleagues, and meet with contractors to discuss experience, expectations, budgets, and more. It’s important that you can confidently trust the care of your home to the person doing your renovation.

Know What You Want:

The more clearly you can explain exactly what you’re looking for in your home improvement, the easier it will be for your contractor to present an accurte plaan and budget.

Have Documentation:

Ask for copies of all your contractor’s current licenses and insurance certifications to guarantee the safety and quality of your work. These certifications and licenses are required by law.

Know What to Expect:

Be clear on how long your project is expected to take. What day will the contractor start? What day will he finish? Is there a contingency budget for unexpected expenses?

After hiring a contractor, you should get everything in writing. Make sure you have a signed contract that details the price of the work, payment terms, permit fees, sales tax, what materials are used, who the material providers are, the start and end dates of construction, and what days payments are due. Also get the contractor’s full name, address, insurance company, phone number, and copies of the license numbers. If there is a written warranty, the warranty should cover workmanship and materials. This warranty should also be clearly stated in the contract. Keep a copy of all paperwork. Avoid verbal agreements as these are difficult to prove should conflicts arise.

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